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Music: The World Of Thrill

Musis always thrills everyone. Without music no one live smoothly. Music creates a real taste for living good life. This article would provide the jest of music in human life.

How to cheer up a sad friend ?

The article gives an idea and trick to sooth your friends when they are in sad condition. It will show you some quick tips to make them happy. Keep reading till end of the article.

Movie Review on 50/50

The new movie '50/50' staring Anna Kendrick and Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a powerful movie that gets you thinking about life as the main character gets through the challenges of being diagnosed with a rare and serious case of spinal cancer.

Cartoon character Bheem is celebrating birthday on Pogo

Very soon India came into picture of having it's own cartoon character called "Chota Bheem". Now it is one of the most famous and loved character in India. It comes on Pogo channel. He is most sought after character. Lets celebrate his birthday.

To be or not to be..that is the question

It is the year 2012 now, very modern very energetic, filled with prophecies of Armageddon, end of world and the whole human race as we know it. Over the years we have progressed ourselves from orthodox beliefs and indulged in modern thoughts and outlooks for the betterment of society and for upbringing one's self persona. Gone are the days when women were confined to the four walls of their houses and succumbed to all tortures in silence. Now they fight back and are at equal par with any men and we have ach

Mumbai Rains – A blessing turned bane – Why?

Once upon a time, we used to love and enjoy the rains and were always glad when the monsoon season began. For most people, this is the time of childhood; school going days; the fun times of our life. Now as we have grown up, little do we find people loving the same rains. Complaints of getting wet, stuck, etc. are on the rise; no one speaks about how lovely the rains are. Is this because the rains have turned bad, or our attitude turned coats?

One to admire the most

The moment a child is born, parents start their speculations on who he/she will be when grown up and all the assumptions relate to real life personalities. Like if it's a beautiful girl, probably the next Aishwarya Rai and if a boy then some successful sport personality like Sachin Tendulkar or the entrepreneur, the next Ambani. They have their incredible stories of how they fought situations and reached their life now is. Who is "the ultimate influencer" in our lives?

How to maintain a good health daily ?

Many many people in this world live unhealthy life. They try to lose their weights but can not. some try to gain weight but they can not due to many reasons. This article gives little more idea to live healthy life instead of paying attention on losing or gaining weights.

How to keep courtship alive

Marriage is a union of a man and a woman who comes together for the purpose of living together and co-exist together in love. This resource seeks to examine the ways to keep a relationship alive and the ultimate for marriage.

Hapus mango The King of Fruits arrived in Mumbai in Monsoon 2013

This article gives insight to the well known fruit of India - Hapus Mango. It arrives and starts visible in market during monsoon. Some where people celebrate mango holidays too. Hapus is well known as King of Mangoes and King of fruits. Here you will read various types and prices of Hapus Mangoes in Mumbai. Be aware of fake Hapus mangoes.

Nalasopara East Achole rationing office problems - Achole Division

This is so ridiculous that the government officials of Rationing office are not supportive and taking months and moths to transfer the ration cards of any division even if you have all authentic documents. This article give and focus on the problems of the same. Authorities please make some action on these issues.

Mumbai's recent pompous mood

An overlook of mumbai and it's festival mood. It highlights the characters of Mumbai when it is in celebration and the wonderful sights one can see during these days of festivity. I am very excited when this time of the year comes around and in this article I write about the views and mood during this period.

Speaking Situations

It talks about the various speaking situations and how to deal with that. It also gives out the learning skills and application of the situation which is most vital for speaking scenario.

It is never too late to begin

Life is too easy when we are a kid, dependant on parents. We just have to do our studies, engage in some extracurricular activities and try to be good at things that interest us. Even this seemed not easy, believe me. There was constant pressure for excellence, homework to be done, classes to be attended. But, after I started working, I realized it is not easy to make money and most youngsters don't even value money. It is time to think about it and start saving right at an early age to live a good and secu

The Real Competitors for Shops in Mumbai

Mumbai is very well known as the center for commercial and business activities.People living and staying in Mumbai regularly go to the stores based in their locality for buying their daily items of use.But,over the years a new trend has developed from the households in Mumbai with respect to their buying of groceries and consumables.The stores on the internet which deliver the consumers much wanted goods at a very quick and convenient time slot have brought about a change in the consumers buying behavior an

Global Vipassana Pagoda in Mumbai Suburb

This article gives an overview of one of the most sought after meditation techniques by Gautama The Buddha. Vipassana has been one of the most authentic and right way to achieve the ultimate goal of life. Buddha has given a gift to mankind. This article gives little more information which is built in the heart of Mumbai.

Things you must build to having your desired dream.

This article seeks to expose the necessary things to build to make life pleasant to you in life. When all these are built-up, your dream desire and dreams will surely be achieved overtime.It is very important to know that people dreams of living a fulfilled life full of great pleasantries of life like good and comfort homes, drive good cars, have influential friends all over the world.

Are you facing errant auto driver? Log a complaint!

Although rickshaw fares have been increased and also there was a promise which had been made that there wont be any "NO" for a service. There are lots of complaints from our Mumbaikars against the rickshaw drivers! Read this article to understand what needs to be done to log a complaint! Useful!

Melodramatic Serials

Some Hindi TV Serials are truly melodramatic and are highly overacted by the cast and the crew of the project.TV Serials are not that down to earth these days even though it is based on the daily problems faced by the common public in the world today. For example TV Serials like CID are highly exaggerated and overemphasized both in their script as well as in the acting skills displayed by the cast.

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