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Bollywood Movie Trivia: Did You Know?

Always wanted to know the most interesting stories about Bollywood but didn't know whom to ask. Don't worry. You aren't alone. Most people know about Bollywood by watching films & reading about celebrities in newspapers but there are many facts that even they don't know. When films are being produced, a lot of changes occur with respect to selection of actors, scripts & other members of the film crew. The article gives information on such interesting facts about films & film stars.

Sample letters from money making sites

This article gives out some idea about how money making sites are calling people to watch their videos on internet. Which again leads to take membership to earn money. Example is = What's more, this morning the WIN support staff discovered that, since the portal didn't automatically close at midnight, it didn't close at all!

Letter for asking materials back

Please return the resources in their boxes/containers/tubs/bags. As the plastic Ziploc bags are unavailable at the moment, please ensure all loose pieces are returned in plastic trays, a separate one for each type eg. pattern blocks in one, tan-grams in another.

About specialist Health Insurance Company, Max Bupa

Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on terms and conditions, exclusions and waiting period, please read sales brochure of Heartbeat Health Insurance Policy carefully before concluding a sale.

Formal letter to call meeting with agenda

Agenda will be along the lines of the survey I sent out which I should have all back by then (planning, homework, assessment and staff development) and also the new timetable and its likely effects.

Kratos' Heir- Part 2

This is just a short little piece that I will continue. The idea sprung from my head from playing video games, and then I started to explore and broaden my canvas. Did the main character's daughter really die? I splattered colour all over my mind, scribbled, erased and perfected. Now, it's time to step back and admire the work. Enjoy!

Kratos' Heir- Part 1

Greetings, readers. I'm back here to talk about another great thing that jolted me in grade 5. I immediately hunted all books that had any evidence of it, and read my heart out- Greek mythology.

Music: The World Of Thrill

Musis always thrills everyone. Without music no one live smoothly. Music creates a real taste for living good life. This article would provide the jest of music in human life.

Examination, Not Murder

This article is for anyone hyped up about the upcoming exams. It will soothe you, and at the same time instigate you to work harder than ever before. It was not written by a third person- but a person who has gone through the same problems and come through it alive. Exams have been stereotyped as scary- they're not! Learn from them, mold yourself into the perfect students. Best of luck!!

How to cheer up a sad friend ?

The article gives an idea and trick to sooth your friends when they are in sad condition. It will show you some quick tips to make them happy. Keep reading till end of the article.

Movie Review on 50/50

The new movie '50/50' staring Anna Kendrick and Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a powerful movie that gets you thinking about life as the main character gets through the challenges of being diagnosed with a rare and serious case of spinal cancer.

General sport injuries and basic first aid

Many accidents among young people of school age occur at school on the way to and from school. Traffic safety is emphasized in the early years. The need among students is to remember to use the rules that they have learned. School accidents are seldom fatal, but many result in serious injury. Accidents may occur in classrooms, lunchroom, halls, shops, gymnasium, or on the school grounds. Students are the human elements that make these places safe or dangerous.

How to maintain a good health daily ?

Many many people in this world live unhealthy life. They try to lose their weights but can not. some try to gain weight but they can not due to many reasons. This article gives little more idea to live healthy life instead of paying attention on losing or gaining weights.

How to keep courtship alive

Marriage is a union of a man and a woman who comes together for the purpose of living together and co-exist together in love. This resource seeks to examine the ways to keep a relationship alive and the ultimate for marriage.

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