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Race for PM in India

In the following blog I am going to explain the topic Elections. The race for PM as a matter of fact. Rahul Ghandhi vs. Arvind Kejriwal vs. Narendra Modi. This is a battle of power because they have to win over a massive number of 10million hearts so they can be voted for. The following topics are as follows.

Mumbai Safer Than Delhi in Terms of Women Safety

When you talk about the safety of women in India,you get an altogether different perspective as compared to other countries across the globe.Women in India are still treated and are as despised as they were back in the history of this country.Delhi ranks number one as the most unsafe place for women to be and live in as compared to other cities in India.It seems quite dangerous in the minds of women to travel and roam about at night while being in Delhi than in other cities of India.Saying these points,we c

Blind Crime Rate rising in Mumbai

The amount and level of blind crime in and around Mumbai ha proved to it that over the years, there has been larger amount of blind crime in Mumbai in the form of corruption and framing of the wrong people into the crimes which are committed by the really guilty party but the burden which is unnecessary in nature is born by the innocent parties involved in the scene of the crime.

The Ignorance of The Mumbai Media

The Media business in Mumbai has always been interested in news that will attract more number of views irrespective of the fact that that particular news item is genuinely good and important. The Media should have a human touch which benefits the society as a whole and does not talk about gossip and unimportant matters which does not concern the citizens of Mumbai as a whole.

History of Mumbai BMC Election results

In this article you can find the history of the Mumbai BMC (Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation) Elections. The BMC elections are scheduled on 16th February 2012. An analysis of the political parties like Congress, NCP,Shiv Sena and MNS for these elections.

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